Autumn Tomato

Tomato 2

Originally uploaded by 185Queens.
It’s nearly the middle of October and we still have tomatoes ripening on the vine!
It’s not much of a cause for celebration though, more likely another sign that our weather patterns continue to shift as we continue to ignore the damage that our industrialised and mechanised way of life is doing to the world we live in.
I’m as guilty as the next person of not doing enough to try and stop the rot, and I certainly enjoy the pleasures that affluence affords (no begging letters please, I’m talking in relative terms here!) but I’m starting to think about the different ways that individuals can make a difference.

  • Do individual lifestyle choices make a difference or is lobbying the groups and individuals who have the power and influence to make changes happen (Bono anyone?- lol) the bestcourse of action?
  • What’s the best way to support the most effective lobbyists?
  • Who are the most effective lobbyists?
  • What are the best targets for lobbying?
  • Have we left it all too late?

Does this strike a chord with anyone? I’d love to hear other points of view so please drop me a post.

BTW – the photo was worked on in Adobe Lightroom (beta), which I’m coming to enjoy using for it’s responsive and (fairly) intuitive interface.

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Citizen of the fine city of Norwich. Interested in photography, literature, Norwich, Norfolk and Italy.

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