Napoli Ultras stencils

Napoli_0703_623 Napoli_0703_622

A sinister stencil marking territory of the S.S.C.Napoli football team hardcore supporters – the Ultras.Taken in the via Tribunali area of the city, an area that has a certain sense of menace for the casual visitor at least!

Stencil – ‘Pericolo di Morte’

Pericolo di morte

Originally uploaded by 185Queens.
This stencil is from Ferrara in Emilia Romagna, Italy. It is not uncommon in Italy to find fairly ‘rough and ready’ stencils like this used for formal purposes. This was a warning on an electrical installation by the roadside.
I like the blend of informality with a serious purpose – but I wonder who would pay much attention to the warning?