Naples: Via Tribunali

Via Tribunali

Timeless scenes like this are the stuff of everyday life in the old heart of Naples. I love the strong features of the people. This was taken from the steps of the Church of Santa Maria del Anime Sante del Purgatorio.

Norwich: Parcour

Handstand Norwich

Free running/parcour has a growing number of practitioners in Norwich. These young men are doing their thing in the middle of town on a busy Saturday afternoon. a little selective masking and blurring has been used to de-emphasise the foreground figures on the left.

Amalfi – Festa di Sant Andrea


The start of the procession, where the effigy/reliquary of Sant Andrea is borne out of the Duomo before being carried through the town, out to the sea front, onto the beach to bless the local fishing boats and eventually back to the Duomo.
Link to video showing the impressive finale of the procession, where the procession runs all the way up the steep steps to the Duomo.

Video Post: Festa Di Sant Andrea, Amalfi.

This is a very low quality, but quite atmospheric video of part of the procession at the Festa Di Sant Andrea, which takes place every year on June 27th. The video was shot on my Fuji e900 digital camera in video mode and I was very pleased with the results, especially the sound, which captures the atmosphere of the event very well. Minimal post-production was done in iMovie and the additional voice over was added in GarageBand.

Another kind of Autumn Fantasy

Siena_b015 Siena_b016

This finely turned out gentleman, passing time with an old friend in the park, watching the world go by as he enjoys the autumn of his life is a cliché that I find myself fantasising about now and then. A bit worrying really as I’ve got another 25 years or so before I get there and not at all what thinking about the future is meant to be about, or is it?


more photos from Siena


Great jobs of 2006 – Ferrywoman


How’s this for a job to be doing on a blustery October Sunday with a full flood tide running?

I know there’s worse (ask any grunt in Iraq) but you have to admire what some people are prepared to do to earn a crust. Says something about the dignity of honest labour, doesn’t it?

FYI – the ferry crosses the River Blyth in Suffolk England, saving walkers about 1.5 miles by linking Southwold and Walberswick.