Cows on Halvergate Marshes, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk UK

The cattle are grazing on salt marshes just inland from Great Yarmouth, former fishing port and fading traditional British seaside resort, The land is at or just below or under sea level and in danger of disappearing if sea levels rise. This was taken at Easter time, in misty conditions, which can be seen clearingContinue reading “Cows on Halvergate Marshes, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk UK”

Autumn Tomato

Tomato 2 Originally uploaded by 185Queens. It’s nearly the middle of October and we still have tomatoes ripening on the vine! It’s not much of a cause for celebration though, more likely another sign that our weather patterns continue to shift as we continue to ignore the damage that our industrialised and mechanised way ofContinue reading “Autumn Tomato”

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